3 Essential Ways to Use Your Intuition for Business

We all have intuitive abilities. Do you listen to the answers constantly being given to you?

Your intuitive ability is brightest when your mind is clear of thought, anxiety, fear or lists. In fact, it is when we’re attuned to the highest frequencies of emotion and energy that we are most intuitive and indeed … successful! Amazing isn’t it. When we’re feeling love; when we’re feeling good, we’re in alignment with our intuition and our Highest Self. The Highest Self is the multi-dimensional part of you that has the great overview, wisdom, knowledge, clarity, patience, love and appreciation for all that you’re going through. Your Highest Self has all the answers. To hear the answers is easy, when you know how. And here are 3 Essential Steps to use your Highest Self or your Intuition (I’m using the terms interchangeably here) for your greatest success in career, business or any collaboration. intuition-is-a-very-powerful-thing-more-powerful-than-intellect


To access your Higher Self you definitely need to practice quieting the mind. Its endless chatter, worry and analysis can lead you down deep (and dark) warrens of distraction, when actually all you need is to take a step in the positive, right direction. Monkey Mind is a Buddhist term referring the unsettled, restless, uncontrollable and inconstant part of your psyche. It jumps from thought to thought, swinging from branch to branch amidst a jungle of chaos, stopping to scratch itself from time to time. Most people do not realise that this is not their natural state! There is a different experience, one of the Bodhi Mind – the pure and natural state. It has peace, and within this mind you can access Universal truth, extending beyond and into all time, dimensions and space. With the ability to access the calm and space of the Bodhi Mind in your every day reality for every day decisions, you literally allow all potential available to you. The journey of self mastery and mastery of any aspect of your creation here on Earth (including business collaboration) is greatly enhanced by meditation and your intentions. Creating from the Monkey Mind brings only the same – more chaos within the jungle of confusion.

I recommend at the very least 10 minutes of meditation per day. Set yourself a space at the beginning of the day, where you can be uninterrupted and set yourself a timer. Relax using music or guided meditation if you wish (very helpful at the beginning of the meditation journey) and sink deeply into the state of no thought, no space, no time. Allow thoughts to simply pass by as you dedicate this precious time to yourself. It takes time, but your willingness and application literally propels you into the vast and infinite realm of peace and deep knowing.


This concept refers to patterns recurring in time. Synchronicities are meaningful ‘coincidences’. You may notice that behaviours, motifs, themes or people appear in your life. These point to an important message that consciously or unconsciously you have agreed to take part in. It is an incredibly invigorating and exciting experience to be at the right place at the right time, with the right people under the right conditions. It happens to all of us all of the time. But not all of us have the clarity and willingness to notice. Those who are more conscious, who ‘listen’ to the feedback within the field of potential and who have an open heart, can align with synchronicity much more frequently that those who are ‘asleep’ to these signs. Aligning with synchronicity not only brings an opening of opportunity but it allows you to receive exactly what you need at the right time. The Universe is mysterious and yet works in predictable and perfect order. With a limited, conditioned consciousness, we understand only part of the order, but with open mind, open heart and willingness to receive, more and more is revealed to us. Synchronicity brings information relevant to you at a particular time, expands your consciousness and aligns you with the flow of Universal Force.

Divine synchronicity can work for you in miraculous ways when you employ it with intention.
1. TRUST – Understand that the same perfect ‘force’ that holds the planets and stars in their place, that keeps the Earth spinning on her axis, that coordinates the direction of the trees growing to receive the sun and that brings forth the life of a child also brings you exactly what you need, when you need it. When you Trust, you allow what you need to reach you and your consciousness expands in proportion to its offering.
2. NOTICE – Find evidence right now of the Universal forces delivering you exactly what you needed at exactly the right time. Perhaps you have been saved from an accident, perhaps you were given an opportunity for work that introduced you to your wife or perhaps you found a carpark right outside the very building you wanted to visit. It doesn’t matter how small or big the synchronicity is, notice it and celebrate!
3. TAKE ACTION – The synchronicity has meaning for you but don’t blow it out of proportion. Look at the bigger picture and think outside the box. Your Higher Self works to bring you the experiences that will help you stretch and grow. Therefore practicing a higher perspective is necessary when bringing meaning and action from synchronicity. If you have been praying for an opportunity, or the perfect addition to your team or even for a new client, it’s important to notice the synchronicity and follow Intuition on how to bring the essence of what you intended into full circle. Synchronicity helps to highlight how you move through life and bring you a fuller understanding of how you harness the magic and mystery of the Universe.

The higher and clearer your frequency and intent, the faster you manifest synchronicities.


Using your intuition is using your heart.
The heart is a magnificent and powerful magnet and creative centre.
Applying yourself in business through the heart requires these essential ingredients:
1. KNOW YOUR VISION – Understand what your soul and your heart truly desires to bring to the marketplace and the world. Honour your passion and commit to it. Find ways to bring this vision into a context, product or process. Having clarity of how to best honour your vision in the current environment of our society gives you power, momentum and ultimately success.
2. FOCUS ON SERVICE – What does your ideal client desire? What is necessary to enable their highest evolution and conscious expansion? Honouring their journey and serving them will help you always remain in highest integrity and for the highest good of all. Focus on providing service that is holistic, considerate and compassionate.
3. TRUST YOURSELF AND THE PROCESS – An entrepreneur will always encounter ups and downs, celebrations and course changes. It is certainly a path of powerful and dynamic expression and reward! Continue to trust in the value of every step, and you shall inevitably reach your goal with far more fulfilment than you had every dreamed. How you handle yourself in every step of the journey is what matters most and whilst you may never reach the end, every highlighted moment along the way is what makes it a rich, rewarding and worthwhile adventure. You and your Higher Self have signed up for an outstanding experience her on Earth, embracing your purpose, our Earthly environment and every step brings you into alignment with the Golden Creator you were born to be.

Applying these essential ways increases your consciousness, the opportunities that come to you and the integrity and service you provide in your business. With all these bases covered, only success and synchronicity can be attracted to you! Lap it up, flow downstream and trust. You deserve every success.

nomi bw

Naomi is a Conscious Business Coach and Intuitive. She has taught for almost 10 years in Australia, the UK and many other countries to assist those ready to live their highest dream and greatest passion. To see naomi, visit or email 

For a jumpstart into meditation, use Naomi’s collaboration with Stephen Fearnley “Angel Contact“, intended for your own use, every day if you wish! An excellent tool for self-healing, ascension, increasing psychic awareness and increasing your ability to hold and direct energy for all areas of your life. This is a powerful tool.
*Please do not use when whilst driving.


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