ECLIPSE 14 November 2012

So it’s the eve of a very important solstice! I just had to write you a quick message of how to maximise on this solstice event.

The sun will be partly covered here in NSW, fully covered in far north Queensland and also visible in the Northern Territory and NZ. Here in NSW, we shall have view at about 7am Wednesday morning. You can find out more here. The solstice is a time of renewing our vision, giving birth to new ideas and releasing the shadows easily and swiftly. Some of you may already be experiencing this rather suddenly and uncomfortably but some of you are already feeling a new clarity emerging with the release of false parts that no longer serve you. Personally, I have experienced this lead up as quite intense, with headaches and fatigue, so I have honoured this and taken some time out, being in my beautiful garden, with lovely nurturing company and also following my natural curiosity for researching new concepts and ideas. The many solstices that we have experienced in the last couple of years have been part of a precession leading up to the grand alignment with our sun and the galactic equator. We are fortunate to have these ‘intense’ times of realignment and shifts to enable incremental steps of clearing, cleaning and de-cluttering. With this solstice we also have the New Moon, which is a time of giving birth to new conditions, so we are both ruthlessly letting go and passionately leaning towards the new. With every new birth there is anticipation, excitement and fear, knowing that every thing that has made up our ‘reality’ will be totally transformed. This may be the feeling you have now. My only suggestion to you now is to be gentle with yourself, allow yourself to be aware of the fine balancing and elegant dancing you are managing now. Rebirth and entering a new age is no small feat! And the more you are aware and present to your emotions, needs and positive relationships, the more control and power you have. You are able to consciously choose the outcomes that you want!

This is a time said to bring positive, obvious and powerful life transformations of all magnitudes! (this predicted by Astrologist Salvador ). He also goes on to say that this is a time of supernatural psychic activations, literal and metaphorical deaths, total transformations of material circumstances, transferences of power, investigations that shock and cause outcry, necessary and favourable conversions of resources, exposure of crime, secrecy and corruption, medical traumas and sudden awareness of disease, sacred and paradigm ending revelations. Furthermore, predicted are deepening of spiritual devotion, breakthroughs in psychotherapy, enforcement of accountability and revivals of heath.

Eclipses bring Divinely ordained experiences and have been known throughout the Ages to be omens of radical change. Be ready for this tomorrow, and set your intentions now. Eclipses bring a new birth and if it were a NEW WORLD following this eclipse, what would yours be like? What would you like to be? How would you like to feel? What would be your philosophy about your power, motivation and influence? The cosmic Law of Intention and Desire brings into alignment the potential and energy into your manifestation. This is a very exciting time! What do you intend? What do you invite now? Where are you now requesting new conditions in your life? More financial freedom? More authentic and intimate love? Would you like to be honoured as the Divine God or Goddess that you truly are? Would you like to act from a place of clarity and confidence? Would you like to be congruent in word and deed?Solar Eclipse pic

This is the time where the veil is thin and the Divine help of Source Energy is abundant and thrust upon us. Be open, receptive and clear in your intentions. It is said that the polarised realities or opposing vibrations will now separate. Those who are in lower vibrations will find themselves even more restricted in difficult circumstances whilst others will enjoy graceful empowerment, allowing them to live on purpose with abundant support and connection to community.

Space-time becomes more malleable as those who cultivate and develop their inner awareness, their mindfulness and honouring of the mystery of life are given activation into the portals beyond ‘consensus reality’. We are encouraged to continue inner work – ridding ourselves of those parts of us which are unhelpful, negative or discouraging. We can notice through our emotions all that feels in discord with our Divine Truth and Higher Self wisdom. As we develop our spiritual sensitivity and inner awareness, we are given insight into the sacred practice of transmutation – transforming dark into light and most prominently, we do this in ourselves and with our emotions, memories and conditioned beliefs. There is much to do and this is a time for relaxing into the knowing that inner work, relationship expansion and cultivation of awareness is the most valuable, highly rewarding practice.

With great love, I encourage you as always and wish you well in every way. Sending Golden Light Beams of highest joy and celebration,


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