TOP 3 BENEFITS of having Psychic Ability

TOP 3 BENEFITS of having Psychic Ability  

Development of the third eye (the seat of your spirit and spiritual ability) has been valued amongst ancient religious and indigenous groups for centuries as the path to all happiness, empowerment and enlightenment. It is easier today to develop than ever.

For everyone it’s a different answer but I’m sure many professional psychics, readers and closet psychics would say the same thing. This gift* can be both a burden and a blessing. Like anything in life, you can look at your abilities as the one thing that liberates or confines you. For me I don’t mind sharing that it is both, at different times. Overall, the benefits far outweigh the shadows and I wouldn’t wish it away for the world!

1. Psychic ability brings greater pulling power

This is listed as the number one benefit for sure! I have a very full and blessed life and I owe it all to my ability to trust the guidance that comes through me. I have made big decisions like moving, travelling to Egypt, creating events, collaborating with other powerful practitioners (and Shamans) and starting my own business based solely on the fact that an idea arose at a particular time, amidst unusual circumstances and aroused excitement in me. Without being attuned to these Divine signals, I would not be now doing what I love, in a gorgeous setting and with beautiful, heart-based friends and family.

2. Psychic ability brings comfort and reassurance …

There has been abuse and trauma in my family for many generations and this also manifested when I was growing up. I was at multiple times ready to take my own life in absolute despair. I was an only child during my childhood years and would often feel very alone, bullied and rejected. I was always, somehow, aware that there was a God, a creator benevolent force that was beyond the church or scripture teachings at school. I would pray and ask for help. I remember at 14years old I had decided to take my life and sad that I would not be benefiting from this earthly world, decided to get up to see my last sunrise. As I sat on the grassy hill, watching the sunrise, I remember an Angel coming to my side. She presented as a young, adolescent Angel but one that was compassionate, understanding and yes, rational! She said to me: ‘If you want to leave because of what others are projecting onto you, why don’t we do an experiment? How about you decide to ignore what they think of you and just do what you want to do? You can travel the world, follow your dream for music and being famous, you can live overseas and find a beautiful man who loves you. You can do whatever you want on this Planet! You can always go back to your plan of taking your life if it doesn’t work out.’ The experiment seemed like a terrific idea, and so I decided to make a go of it. And here I am. Isabella as I came to know her, was my comforting Angel. She provided advice, soothing and opened a portal of possibility that I could never have seen in my own despair.

3.  Psychic ability makes life more mysterious!

The more that you receive and follow personal messages for yourself from your Guides and Angels, the more you come into a fuller, broader and more expansive reality. Initially, it can make Earthly physical life seem mundane and dull in comparison and then another phase kicks in. Following our Guidance will usually always lead to discovering the truth of who we are. The powerful, God/Goddess Creators that we can be and the tools and techniques for manipulating energy within yourself and within the matrix of your physical reality. This is incredibly exciting to play with!** What’s more, psychic ability brings you into awareness of what energies exist around you, around others, within environments, within countries and within the ether. The subtle aspects of life that you once were ignorant and oblivious to, are revealed to you and you begin to experiment with your relationship to them. As you awaken your third eye and psychic abilities, you begin to attract more Guidance, greater synchronicity and ease of manifesting in your life.

Go forth and open your Psychic Ability!

updates regularly posted here!

*it’s a gift that everyone has and everyone has the choice to develop it or not.
** ensure you are creating with integrity and within the Divine Law of Kharma – what you intend externally is also what shall be for you.


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