Vision Board Workshop, 11 – 11 – 2012

– Unsure about the future?
– Need clarity on direction?
– Seeking greater abundance?
– Dream of travelling to new locations?
– Do you have dreams about a new career or more loving relationships?
– Want to feel more confident or beautiful?
– Seeking your own sacred spiritual connection?


Join this fun day of creating the life you want!

VISION BOARDS are an exciting and powerful way to bring to life those dreams that remain in the lofty recesses of the mind. A vision board makes them tangible, gives them energy and creates momentum for their materialisation.

* Create a collage made with images, words, objects that inspire you.
* Clarify and solidify your intentions for the coming year
* No artistic skill required!

Naomi and Naomi bring their skills of EFT, life coaching and guided meditation to ease you into certainly the most important thing you do for yourself all year!

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blue prints of your ultimate achievements. – Napoleon Hill

The 11th of November is an auspicious date with abundant energetic potential and the location is fertile Robertson village.

** It’s the right place, at the right time. **

More information here:

Vision: The first step toward creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it.
-Unknown Author

* NAOMI JANZEN is a television writer and producer as well as an EFTUniverse trained tapping practitioner. Naomi is the co-founder of Freedom Techniques, an EFT practice in the Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven. Having experienced the power of Visions Boards herself, over and over, she can’t wait to see it work for you too!

* NAOMI NONU-CARLING is a practicing psychotherapist, soul coach, facilitator of multiple personal development courses and meditation classes. Her first vision board was created in 2004, with amazing manifestations following. This activity is fun, inspiring and brings ideas into magical manifestation!

DATE: Sunday 11 November 2012
TIME: 12 – 5pm
LOCATION: Robertson CTC, 58 – 60 Hoddle Street, Robertson
EXCHANGE: $50 includes workshop instruction, meditation, board, magazine galore and refreshments
REGISTER NOW to secure your place: 0412 711 881 or email

Book early – Only 30 places available! (and begin collecting magazines now) ♥

You can easily book by completing this form :


One thought on “Vision Board Workshop, 11 – 11 – 2012

  1. SOUL MESSAGE: We are now 24 HOURS before MERCURY moves RETROGRADE, relative to us here on Earth.. Already, people you have not heard from in ages are contacting you, out of the blue messages etc, are coming in.. We are forced to THINK & ACT on our feet! We are getting ready to get CLEAR for the next 3 weeks.. You may be feeling slightly tired or fuzzy headed (this is normal right now).. My advice is not to hide under the covers, but decide that ALL you are about to UNCOVER will make you stronger & more in your power.. Uncovering the hidden gems is the theme of this period.. And what’s more exciting than finding your hidden treasure within? ♥

    -Elizabeth Peru

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