QUIZ: How aware are you?

Quiz – How self-aware are you? 

This quiz helps you look at your Self Awareness with a different perspective and with respect to different emotional indicators along the way! Please note that this is not a diagnostic tool and if you have difficulty with any of these areas, you are invited to seek the support from a Professional. Naomi can guide you for further assistance.

Instructions: On a scale of 1 – 10 choose a number that indicates how strongly you agree with the following statements and write them down:

  1. I have noticed and identified different parts of myself that ‘take over’ for different aspects of my life
  2. I have the ability to notice when I am reacting from a place of fear or a place of love for others
  3. I can notice options to change when I am in the midst of anger or a reaction of the ego
  4. I have opinions and am able to make choices in confidence, without consulting with others
  5. I notice my dreams, my feelings and symbols around me
  6. I notice synchronicity
  7. I easily seek assistance when I’m depressed or confused
  8. I have coping strategies that may not always be in my highest interest or health
  9. I notice when I am in internal conflict about my actions
  10. I am able to speak my truth to others even if I’m afraid of rejection

10 – 30% : After an incident of anger or frustration, you may often regret your reaction or feel that it was caused by someone else’s actions. You often feel that you often feel other’s mis-action or inconsiderate behavior is the cause of your inconvenience or discomfort. There is little self-work that you engage in and often you feel there’s not much use in seeking external support or advice. There are patterns in your relationships or everyday experiences that give you a sense of injustice or concern.

What to do: consider engaging in meditation or activities that begin at even 5 minutes/day so that you can cultivate some time to be with yourself. It’s important to take some deep breaths outdoors at least once / day to activate and invigorate your inner and higher Self. As mentioned in the statements above, bring awareness to your ego self (that part of you that is critical, conflicted and negative) and notice when you’re feeling positive, optimistic and open. 

40 – 60% : You have cultivated some awareness and know what it’s like to be aware of your moods. There are times when you feel as though your impulsive reactions do not always serve the desired outcome. You are ready to tip into the higher realms of mastering your own emotions, reactions and reality. You have some awareness that you are responsible for the outcomes in your life, but there are times when you forget this. All is not lost! You are making great progress and steady application of awareness will now bring great leaps forward into the stream of wellbeing, abundance and joy.

What to do : Be aware of any external sources of fear, conflict or conditioning that you are unconsciously absorbing. There are many subliminal messages through tv, media, film, advertising, newspapers, gossip and newsletters that can unconsciously condition you to feel disempowered or disheartened. Choose consciously that which you want to feed your unconscious mind. Create a routine to cultivate inner awareness, which may include daily journaling, using a therapist, going to a regular group, practicing regular meditation, art therapy etc. Any activity that brings mindfulness to your inner thoughts and feelings is imperative. To step it up, attend courses that teach tools such as energy healing, psychic development, tai chi, EFT, counseling etc.

70 – 80% : You’re very conscious of your journey in life and are able to manipulate your emotions more often to prevent conflict or repair it. You have humility and are able to say sorry and I love you easily. You have cultivated compassion towards yourself and can consciously choose to work with a negative emotion to bring relief and release to your emotions and the situation/s it applies to in your life. You are more likely to be conscious about energy – both within yourself, around others and the Earth. You are passionate about being on Earth and serving the greater good. You are consciously choosing your friends and take time to nourish and nurture your inner self. Meditation and self-healing are concepts that you are practicing regularly.

What to do : Continue! The practices that you have in place bring you to deeper and deeper awareness of your Self, humanity and the evolution of consciousness. You are entering Mastery and so allow yourself to know yourself as part of the Divine Plan on Earth. You have had glimpses beyond the veil and perhaps feel very comfortable in these arenas, but continue to practice your skills with others. It is time to fearlessly and passionately share your gifts with others. This can be with your friends and family or perhaps you are doing this in your ‘career’ already. You are most likely a practitioner of a healing modality, so continue to refine and reflect on your growing skills and clear any resistance that may be lurking around your worth or receiving adequate abundance and support from the Universe. Your presence literally uplifts and enlightens others, so bring your spirit forward fearlessly. Know there is nothing that can bring you down!

80 – 100% : At this level, you’re ready to Launch! There is so much that you already understand and consciously align with and yet there is infinitely more to discover and receive. Now is the time to let go of all of those old limiting beliefs about time, space, expectations or inner dis-ease. You are Ready! Your Divine I AM Presence is activated and capable of Being anything you desire. Continue to engage in your regular disciplines, whether it’s morning meditation, yoga, inspirational reading or writing or even mindfully practicing acceptance in every situation – more and more is being revealed to you in even the smallest of synchronistic moments or phenomena. Each ant, conversation and event brings you great opportunity for going deeper and higher into the matrix of your Self, your Planet and your Cosmos.

What to do : Opening to your Higher Self’s wisdom or your Guides or God Consciousness is important daily practice at this level. You are ready to see beyond the realms of ‘possibility’ into the great expansive All That Is. Your perception has taken you beyond the mainstream consciousness and opened to the greater Highways of Love that brought Creation into our experience. Maximising on your Presence here on Earth is the call of the day. If your Guidance tells you to remain still, follow this without delay. If your Guidance tells you to warp time and space and give birth to a new ‘calling’ or career, follow this with full passion and enthusiasm. When you feel any resistance or fear arise, you now know enough tools and professionals to know how to receive help and release entangled illusion. You are healing for your whole Ancestral Line and the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, so release any fear of worthiness or confusion and embrace this responsibility. You are so Loved and Supported in every gesture of healing and empowerment that you undertake!

HOW DID YOU GO? Email with your experience of this quiz and whether you put the ‘what to do‘ in action!

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