OPENING to Channel, October 2012

“This workshop has been a amazing journey that has shown and given me an insight to my Divine path and I intend to practice the skills I have learnt to continue learning and growing spiritually. I trust myself to receive the messages I’ve needed! Thank you for an amazing experience. You are an angelic Goddess! love and blessings” – MM

“This workshop helped me reconnect to my higher self and be true to who ‘I AM’. The healing session was very liberating and transforming. The chanting helped to change the vibrtion. The setting was perfect. You can’t put a value on this work! I learnt that it’s important to always be true to yourself; don’t look to others for answers. Trust yourself!” – SW

“This workshop helped me release some childhood pain and reconnect with my Higher Self and Guides who showed me love and compassion. Channeling through writing impacted the most! I learnt we are not our egos!” – MN

A truly powerful weekend, held in Robertson, NSW. Such a privilege to witness new channels making connections and receiving pure and high guidance to assist us all at this time of huge transition, spiritual awakening and energetic clarifying. With LOVE, Naomi


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