MONDAY Meditation in Robertson

Meditation is a powerful, efficient way to reach inner balance, inner peace, mastery of your emotions and clarity of mind. The positive effects of meditation extend to your whole life; your relationships, work, opportunities, self confidence and clarity in choices.

Naomi guides you firstly through relaxation, then along an expansive journey that both awakens and heals the many layers of your soul, body, mind and spirit. The journey is different every week. It is designed to open you to your inner knowing, clear vision, letting go and stepping forward into the light of your Essence.

During this period of great change (especially the global shift in consciousness, moving from an age of Separation and War to an age of Unity) we are being called to let go of much of who we thought we were and the illusions of our culture and expectations. Now, it is more important than ever to join in activities that increase your sense of joy, inner peace and expanding potential. It is important to benefit from the higher vibrations created when 2 or more gather with similar intentions. Naomi offers this gathering as a way of moving into higher states of awareness and community.
Expect clarity, feelings of wellbeing, natural highs, energy upliftment and joy as you join with warm, like-minded others in a space of tranquility, nurture and peace.WHERE: Ranelagh St, ROBERTSON
WHEN: 6 weeks from Monday 24 Sept – 29 Oct 2012
TIME: 6 – 730pm
EXCHANGE: $15 (or whatever you can afford, noone who wishes to join is turned away due to lack of funds. You are warmly embraced as part of the community!)
BOOK: by emailing or phoning 0411 323 755Naomi has been guiding meditation for more than 3 years, both in Australia and overseas. She has a youtube channel and recorded meditations available for all to benefit from! join Naomi’s mailing list by visiting you at Meditation Monday!!
What others have reported:
– higher creativity
– better, deeper sleep
– vivid dreams
– higher mood
– clarity in choice
– connection with intuition
– increased happiness in relationships and home life
– greater access to peace during the day
– reduced stress 
– increased feelings of ‘everything’s ok!

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