Lay down your pain; it’s time to use The Force

Segment from the newsletter sent today :

Channeled message from my Guides ~

Be not afraid, dear Ones of the perceived discomfort and intensity of these times. For as you allow the flow of emotions, you allow the beauty of all Creation to flow. You are rapidly understanding how to influence your lives in a powerful and masterful way when you step into the stream of allowing. We give you this peaceful advice – when there is a situation that is dissolving or coming to an end, simply allow yourself to be in a state of not-knowing. Bring peace to yourself in the state of not-knowing. You are then working with the immense power of surrender. The same forces that uphold your planets and bring the turn of the earth; the forces that bring the life from the ground into a beautiful daffodil, the forces that bring a baby through the birthing canal, the forces that bring a smile to the corners of your mouth, are the same forces that flow through every situation that you find yourself within. Trust this. Trust and be a vessel of ease and grace so that you experience that Force throughout your life. This force is there whether you acknowledge it; whether you allow it or whether you resist it. The force within you desires only happiness and ease. When you apply surrender and let the ego-mind to be in a state of not-knowing, you are allowing that force to take root in your material world. As you progress through your evolution and journey of ‘enlightenment’ (becoming full of light), you shall utilise this alchemical practice to provide for all your needs and all of your loved ones’ needs. This is true mastery of the earthly plane. Those of you applying it now, shall also share with others, to bring a new consciousness and new intelligence to your Earthly plane. Wake up Dear Ones to the truth that you are all God, contributing unique expression in this Divine Unfolding Plan of Love. We invite you to co-create with us at this exciting and dynamic time of transition and transformation on your Earth. We, the Pleiadians Sisters of Light, bring forth this love and information from your Galactic Family. We are here to support and embrace your emergence into the Glory of Your Being. We adore you and dance in celebration with you now. 

– the Pleiadian Sisters of Light


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