Connecting People with their Guides

As a therapist and teacher, I often reflect on my work to refine my practice and clarify my direction and purpose. It’s an ongoing process of realignment.

I recently asked myself ‘why do this work?’ and this is the answer from my Higher Self:
Connecting people with their Guides and Angels provides a portal beyond the normal confines of the 3D existence. Whilst the 3D realms are important, valuable and indeed precious, there is a density about this dimension that can bring heaviness, discouragement and limitation. When you are able to hear, feel, see and know your Guides’ presence and support, you have the opportunity to receive information and insight that you would normally miss in the 3D realms. You are able to provide a safe, uplifting and high-vibrational environment that enables the bridge between many worlds and the 3D realm. It is important to share this gift that you have developed and honoured for many years. Everyone has this ability however in the normal realms of your society and culture, it has not generally been encouraged or enabled. The society and culture that you reside within now has had a perspective that all power is outside of you. Now it is time for people to understand the practical how to access this power, wisdom, insight, healing, love and light for themselves. There is no power outside of you, it is all within. Connecting with Guides and Angels on higher dimensions provides a hand-up out of the density and confusion of the lower realms. Their purpose is to provide a setting where liberation is felt, seen, known and experienced by choice. Enabling free choice and expanded understanding literally changes humanity, the planet and the interwoven cosmos. 

My guides, the Pleaidian Sisters of Light, the Sirian Brothers of Light and the Archangel and Angelic Realms all affirm that this is important work. And what delight and honour it is to serve.

1 – DAY Workshop – BOOK NOW!
0411 323 755
limited places to
– discover your guides and angels
– learn how to hear, feel, see and know their presence and guidance
– experience deeply healing guided meditation
– learn how to use cards to provide healing and insight for yourself and others

YOU HAVE SPIRIT GUIDES is a 1-day workshop held saturday 22nd september in Robertson, NSW. $122 for the whole day includes:
– guided meditations
– meet your guides and angels
– understand how to develop your clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairaudient abilities
– discover how to use cards to provide readings for yourself and others
and much much more

What do you know about your path or purpose? 
How do your Guides assist you along this journey? 
Why would you like to expand your relationship with your Guides and Angels? 


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