How much easier would life be with instant and higher guidance regarding any challenge or cross roads?
This course shows you how to access Highest Guidance from your Higher Self and your Guides.

*⊱ Curious about who is protecting and assisting you?
*⊱ Want to learn how to access wisdom for your purpose?
*⊱ Want to make sense of increased psychic or paranormal phenomena?
*⊱ Want to harness and expand your innate psychic ability?
*⊱ Want to access your abundance, power, boundless joy and deeper connection?

Everyone has Guides!
Naomi provides a grounded and safe environment leading and facilitating your connection to your healing, loving and wise guides.

Learn and experience:
– how to give card readings and use clairvoyance
– how to trust your guidance
– how to access and develop your innate spiritual ability & power
– how you obstruct guidance with doubt and fear
– techniques for knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling your Guides’ presence
– ancient knowledge from sacred teachings about alchemy, manifestation, twin flame love and your Spiritual Essence
– channeled messages from Naomi

register for this life-changing event. Includes full program & booklet of leading-edge information, energy upgrades & insights that benefit every aspect of your life. ; 0411 323 755

Expect A-ha! moments as you let go of old ancestral patterning & fears. 

You will meet wonderful people!
Places are limited. Suitable for Beginners.

1 day workshop $122
enquire for concessions or payment plans. 50% non-refundable deposit required to secure your place.

❥ Naomi Carling
BA, BSci Psyc, Adv Dip Psychotherapy, Dip AHC, NLP Master

Naomi is an experienced & qualified Holistic Psychotherapist. Naomi’s workshops provide opportunity for profound spiritual development, understanding and insight. Naomi developed a natural childhood ability to access information from Angels, Guides and the Higher Self. Having read for thousands of people, she first began hosting workshops in 2003. In 2009, she became a Channel and the guidance became even higher and clearer!

Naomi skillfully and passionately shares ancient techniques, allowing you to move further along your spiritual path, easing symptoms in the body, discomfort in the mind, emotions, relationships, families, career, finances and every area of life! Naomi’s workshops are always non-denominational.


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